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Construction Site Loss Is A Major Problem

ConstructionEquipment theft is a major source of loss to all contractors. While insurance may offset some of the financial costs of this loss, many uninsured costs are paid by all contractors (general and subcontractors). These costs include insurance deductibles, replacing depreciated items with new equipment, and production delays, paperwork and time in reporting and replacing stolen equipment. The bottom line is that equipment theft costs contractor's money and time, and impairs their ability to offer competitive pricing for various construction projects.

State Protection Services (SPS) feels that "Secure equipment means secure business" and knows that the difference between profit and loss on projects depends on successfully preventing theft losses.

Security Solutions

State Protection Services (SPS) offers a variety of Security related services for every construction application:

Mobile Patrols: SPS utilizes full size, fully marked; police equipped patrol cars which offer a very visual theft deterrent. These mobile patrols can spot check your site or be assigned for an entire shift for the most complete coverage. SPS also offers Four Wheel Drive Trucks for Patrols in more remote or unimproved areas.

Site Guard: SPS offers fully uniformed Security Officers who may be armed or un-armed depending on your situation. Each Guard is fully trained, insured and bonded. SPS supervisors check-in with stationary Guards to insure each site is being watched according to your and SPS's standards.

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